The Benefits Of Timber Flooring In Your Home

Creating Your Dream Home With Jarrah Flooring

Creating Your Dream Home With Jarrah Flooring

Whether you’re in the process of creating your dream home, or renovating an existing one, selecting the right flooring system is a vital decision. There are lots of things to consider; the appearance you wish to accomplish, the feel of your brand-new floor under foot, exactly how easily you can clean and maintain it, the ease of installation, and obviously any financial considerations. You’ll be pleased to understand that the advantages of wood flooring in the modern-day age tick many of these boxes. Let’s explore some a little further.

1) The Look
The huge range of timber flooring solutions readily available today make it extremely simple to attain the preferred appearance you’re after. From solid wood and hardwood, to bamboo and parquetry and the choices within each of these classifications. You have an array of timber products and finishes to choose from to bring your ideas to life much like you thought of.

2) The Feel
One of the advantages of timber flooring is that unlike tiles and concrete, wood is very soft under foot. Put this together with its natural insulation benefits and natural warmth, and a new wood floor will have your feet feeling fab!

Minimum Maintenance With ModWood Decking

Minimum Maintenance With ModWood Decking

3) The Upkeep
Probably one of the most popular advantages of timber flooring is that it’s very simple to clean. Wood floors do not stain, retain smells, and even harbor dust mites & irritants, which can wreak havoc with some people. Timber flooring also lasts for many years, and can be easily sanded and re-sealed for an entirely fresh look.

4) The Installation
Your new timber floor can be laid straight over concrete or existing wood. This can provide a huge time and cost saving.


Blackbutt Hardwood Timber Floorboards

5) The Budget
Of course this can put a stop to lots of ventures before they even start. With the range of choices on the market, and improvements in tree farming and increased competition, the advantages of timber flooring surpass the majority of other flooring choices on the marketplace. Compared to changing the carpeting in your house, or ripping up your floor and re-tiling, simply sanding and staining your existing wood floors works out much more affordable, and with the correct care lasts a lot longer!

For more information contact your local timber yard for advice. They will explain which wood is best suited for your Timber Flooring. They will also give you advice on Decking Timber and tips for your next building project.